Tri-State Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors

Tri-State Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
Membership Application

**You must be a Member of ASHI National in order to join a Chapter**

ASHI National Information

Tri-State Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors By-Laws

To become a member of Tri-State ASHI you must acknowledge the following points:

  • I understand that I cannot, as an Associate Member of ASHI National, vote, hold office, or participate in any Tri-State Chapter based marketing campaigns, and cannot exercise any of the other rights of Full Chapter Membership
  • I will not advertise or publicize myself as an ASHI Member while still an Associate Member of ASHI National. I will wait until I have written notice approving my member status. This usage includes using the ASHI name or logo or advertising or implying, in any and all promotional material, that I am affiliated with ASHI.
  • I will not actively engage in the business of real estate, as a real estate broker or salesperson, or sell, purchase, or list real estate for third parties.
  • I will not repair any conditions I find during inspections and will not endorse or recommend individuals or business for repair work (including any business in which I find financial interest).
  • I will not use my home inspection contacts to deliberately obtain additional work in another field.
  • I will, as an Associate Member of ASHI National, perform home inspections in accordance with ASHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • I understand that if I lose my Associate Member status with ASHI National, by not qualifying for Full Membership after three years, then I will also lose my membership with Tri-State ASHI.

Tri-State ASHI members, who are ASHI Associate Members, are encouraged to:

  • Deal directly with members of the press concerning their own businesses.
  • Request copies of official ASHI press releases for use in connection with their own publicity efforts.
  • Promote inspector qualifications consistent with those endorsed by ASHI.
  • Promote the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • Refer members of the press to ASHI's Spokesperson, the Chair of ASHI's PR Committee or ASHI's Publicity Consultant for further background on ASHI and home inspections in general.
  • Contact the PR office or the Executive Office to confirm or obtain information for the media.
  • Tri-State ASHI Membership dues are $195 per year . Payments are due by July 1st. First Year Membership dues are prorated as follows: July-Sept. = $195, Oct.-Dec. = $146.50, Jan.-Mar. = $97.50, Apr.-June = $48.75.

I have read and fully understand all statements in this application. I hereby certify that all statements are correct. I also understand that any falsification of these documents will automatically exclude me from membership in the Tri-State Chapter of ASHI.