Tri-State Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors

Tri State ASHI Affiliate Membership Application


  • We understand that as an Affiliate, we do not expect the same benefits of membership nor hold the same rights of membership of Tri-State ASHI Members. Affiliates cannot vote or hold office and cannot use the formal Tri-State ASHI or ASHI National logo in any manner.
  • We understand that Affiliate membership is granted to organizations that meet the Affiliate membership criteria and does not imply endorsement of Tri-State ASHI or ASHI National.
  • We understand that as an Affiliate, we are permitted to identify our Affiliate membership on stationary, business cards, curriculum vitae, Web site or other promotional materials. Further, an official Affiliate logo will be provided for use.
  • We understand that the Affiliate logo and statement of Affiliate member status with Tri-State ASHI shall not be used in any way as to imply endorsement of the firm, organization or individual who has been granted Affiliate status.
  • We understand that the Tri-State ASHI Affiliate logo may not be placed on any certificates produced by a training school or academy which may be provided to a student or a graduate as this may imply that the student is a "Tri-State ASHI Affiliate." Care should be taken as to ensure the integrity of the Tri-State ASHI Affiliate logo and to avoid any presentation which may mislead others as to who is a true Affiliate.
  • We understand that as an Affiliate, we will benefit from access to Tri-State ASHI's educational programs and materials, along with other programs and services as approved and offered by Tri-State ASHI.
  • We understand that Affiliate membership status was created for firms, organizations and individuals providing products and/or services to home inspectors and to the home inspection profession.
  • We understand that Affiliate membership may be revoked at any time, for any reason, and no refunds of Affiliate dues or fees may be granted.
  • Tri-State ASHI Affiliate Membership dues are $325 per year . Payments are due by September 1st. First Year Membership dues are prorated as follows: Sept — Nov = $325, Dec—Feb = $243.75, March—May = $162.50, June—Aug = $81.50.

We have read, accept and fully understand all statements in this application. I hereby certify that all statements are correct.